2020 Theme: CARE

By Sarah Spang, TEDxFondduLac license holder and founder

CARE – Create a Ripple Effect

I’ll let you sit on that for a second.




Great! Now let’s discuss!

2020 is going to be a renewed energy year, I believe we can all feel it. There are a lot of major decisions that will be unveiled as the year goes on in the political climate and as we’ve already heard from TED themselves, climate change and action surrounding that are getting their time in the spotlight that is so necessary. Discussions are going to be had that are going to be difficult to hear, can lend themselves to alternate opinions, and can certainly prompt disagreements or arguments. But it’s important to understand all opinions are necessary to have fruitful conversations and while we don’t have to agree with everyone on everything, we can work towards understanding one another a little bit better each day. That is how we can care.

By caring, we are standing up for what we believe in and saying “yes, I believe in that” or “no, I believe we can do better than that”. Caring is listening to the other side and having spirited, respectful conversation that doesn’t lead to name calling, put-downs, or blocking of progress or conservation for the sake of being the winner of an outcome. To care means to strive each day to be a better individual, team member, friend, global citizen, and neighbor.

Now what about the ripple effect? One person’s actions can spur a movement. An ignition to the climate change discussion occurred in the form of a teenager named Greta. #MeToo from one person prompted a world to stand up and proclaim their own personal injustices. One person can and will change the world.

On August 15, 2020, TEDxFondduLac will examine what it means to care and how speakers gracing the stage create ripple effects in their own communities by what they do. Starting January 1, 2020, any prospective speaker is invited to apply on our website with their idea worth spreading that will prompt conversation for the local and global audience.

We hope you’ll come along on our journey as we strive to redefine and reimagine what it means to CARE.

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