Announcing the theme of TEDxFondduLac 2017

Fear Forward.

What does that even mean, though?

As a city, state, nation, and globe, we believe that many live in fear of a variety of things that may or may not be within their control. We aren’t saying that you should be fearless entirely. There are legitimate things happening in this world that can make you fearful, and rightly so. But as a community, at our core, should we be so fearful? We believe we shouldn’t.

In our daily lives, we must choose to take a stand and lift up those around us. We must be able to set aside our differences and recognize one another as just another person walking through this crazy journey called life. We must look at the things we are afraid of and recognize that we get to choose what type of power it holds over us. Fear is absolutely normal, but our response to it and capability of handling it is something we must all face to overcome fearful things.

When we understand, respond to, and embrace fear, we can create huge change. When we say no to the status quo, we can create huge change. We when stop saying “that won’t work” and start embracing the fact that maybe it won’t but you must at least try, we can create huge change. We urge you to come together with TEDxFondduLac as we say we are not going to let the things that make us fearful define us.

Together, we will FEAR FORWARD.

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