Osa Adenomo

Osarietinme Ashley Adenomo is currently a student at University of Wisconsin – Fond du Lac with goals of establishing her own business and earning a self-designed degree combining Literature and Social Work. She has experience caregiving for humans from all walks of life, including the disabled and the elderly, and helping emotionally disturbed children create healthy lifestyles for themselves through self-awareness of their thoughts and actions.

Born in Bronx, New York and relocating to various cities of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee and West Bend, Osa has experienced the duality of being a biracial American her whole life. The summer of 2017, her beloved sister and she had the opportunity of visiting Nigeria, which is where their ancestral roots reside, and they were able to explore their cultural roots and more fully comprehend childhood experiences based in Nigerian culture. It is her visit to Africa which sparked her topic for TEDxFondduLac.

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