Ashley Anne

Dr. Ashley Anne is a licensed neurocounselor, educator, and researcher. Her lifelong struggle with physical and mental disease and disorder inspired her as a researcher to translate research findings within the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology into understandable, applicable tools and practices for everyday people.

Through qualitative and quantitative research methods, Dr. Ashley proposed a new framework for mental health diagnosis and treatment, one that veers away from symptom-based conceptualizations and instead ties observable behaviors to the dysregulated neurological mechanisms that correlate to them. Her hope is to push the envelope of how we understand disease and disorder to ultimately transform the manner in which we resolve it.

Dr. Ashley’s research has shown her that the human system has a natural ability to heal itself; we just need to know it works. Now she spends her career educating others about the four dimensions of the human system – body, mind, relationships, and energy, teaching them about what happens to the system when it falls ill, and how to integrate these four dimensions to cultivate a happy, healthy life.

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