Nadine Machkovech

Nadine Machkovech is a certified recovery coach and person in long-term recovery. As an educator on addiction and mental health, she looks to positively disrupt the current landscape for adolescents, especially young women, across the country. Through her unique style of storytelling, Machkovech leaves her audience feeling inspired and motivated; reminding them that they have the choice to utilize their power to help change their world and the world around them.  

Machkovech has traveled the country, been featured in Forbes, and is often aspired after for her dynamic peer leadership skills. She has created measurable social change while educating students, teachers, professionals, and peers on topics of substance use and misuse, mental health awareness, leadership, and the development of life skills.

She is also a Co-Owner and Program Manager of RISE TOGETHER, a grassroots organization that is helping to lead a movement of young people to stand up and break the silence around suicide, bullying, mental illness, drugs, and alcohol. Recently recognized by the White House Office of the National Drug Control Policy, Rise Together’s mission is rapidly spanning the United States. Since September of 2013, Nadine has traveled over 200,000 miles, taken the stage nearly 400 times with her team, and educated over 130,000 young adults and adolescents on addiction and mental health.

Machkovech carries this responsibility with a great amount of passion and purpose in hopes that these efforts will help to not only develop peer leaders but also help others towards the achievement of their vision and life-long goals.   

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