Nathan Scheer

Nathan “Nate” Scheer is an assembly tech at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac, as well as a local recovery advocate. After an inconvenient intervention from his probation agent on December 23rd, 2016, Nate got sober after a ten year addiction to opiates and heroin.

Born out of a need to fill a time void, with limited money, the father of 3 started a community service effort with his youngest son that came to be known as “Adventures of a Baby Jerk Face” in which the father and son go to local parks and small businesses to pick up trash and help rebuild a community he (Nate) helped destroy in active addiction.

When Nate’s not at work, the two can be found all over town picking up trash and trying to help the community in any way possible. His hopes are that he can teach his son the simple joy in sharing kindness with strangers for no reason other than “because you can” and that with hard work, humble acts, and giving with a pure heart that his son can change the world he lives in.


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