Samantha Petitte

Samantha Petitte is a Master’s student and Graduate Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in Therapeutic Recreation. Her research interests include the treatment of eating disorders and related disorders, the use of nature-based therapy, place attachment theory, music therapy, equine-facilitated psychotherapy and the benefits of different therapeutic recreation interventions for marginalized groups and for mental health. She is currently working on publications involving nature-based therapy, the intersection of leisure and the drag community, and her thesis on the benefits of equine-facilitated therapy. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Community and Leadership Development from the University of Kentucky, where she was the vocal percussionist (beatboxer) of the female a cappella group Paws and Listen. Samantha has been exploring ways to combine her personal skills with her career goals, which has led her to discovering ways to combine beatboxing and therapeutic interventions.

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