What’s the measurement of enough?

Is it the concept of measurement of ourselves and others through relentless judgement or a “not good enough” mentality? Or is it the idea of complacency when we expect more of ourselves, our society, or humanity?

Power manifests within when we realize we are only human and – as individuals, teams, and communities –embrace that we are good enough to tackle our dreams … strong enough to stand up for something … loud enough, together, to make a difference in our world.

Enough is what occurs on a daily basis to make our lives better. There are inventions big enough to change the course of how individuals work and interact with one another; ideas big enough to send people into outer space. If we think people, science, technology, and more have reached their limits, we aren’t thinking big enough.

What does this say about our community?

In 2017, our theme “Fear Forward” talked about the need to step outside of comfort zones and embrace the new or different. The 2018 “Enough” theme talks to the pure fact we’ve got some great people and good stuff going on here. We / Fond du Lac are enough. Enough to be proud of, enough good stuff to grow bigger & better. Enough is enough with the naysayers! 😉

What does this say about our world?

This theme allows us to make a statement about societal, cultural or political issues that we’ve frankly had enough with. When we’ve realized the power of being good enough, connect and come together, we can accomplish anything.

We are thrilled to announce the TEDxFondduLac 2018 theme – “Enough” – which can explore a spectrum of ideas worth spreading about self-worth, scarcity, contentment, achievement, complacency, standing out from the flock, change, community, society, and more.


Apply to speak today! Deadline is Feb 4, 2018.
Then, mark your calendar for Aug 25, 2018. See you there!

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